MUSTVIDEO I is part of Entertainment Enterprises Limited, India’s leading television, media and entertainment company.


"Music can change the world". MUSTVIDEO I is India's largest Music Label & Movie 
Studio, believes in bringing world close together through its music.
The leading brand in Indian entertainment now brings you all the updates on our 
latest and blockbuster hits only on MUSTVIDEO I.
MUSTVIDEO I is associated with music industry from past three decades having ample 
catalogue of music comprising plenty of languages that covers the length & breadth
 of India. We believe after silence, nearest to expressing the inexpressible is 
Music. So, all the music lovers who believe in magic of music come join us and 
live the magic of music with MUSTVIDEO I.
MUSTVIDEO I is part of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, India's leading
 television, media and entertainment company. It is amongst the largest producers
 and aggregators of Hindi programming in the world, with an extensive library 
housing over 1.2 lac+ hours of television content. With rights to more than 3,500
 movie titles from foremost studios and of iconic film stars, MUSTVIDEO houses the 
world's largest Hindi film library.